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TQA 2 Animation Project


Your project for this term 2 is to produce a short animation. It needs to be at least 30 seconds long. You can use motion capture, key frame or stop motion as the technique. You will need to hand in the following:

  1. A design brief outlining the technique you plan to use, what you aim to illustrate, your target audience.
  2. A story board of your animation.
  3. Planning sketches of the objects in your animation.
  4. The final animation as an avi file
  5. An evaluation of how successful you were, what problems you had and any suggestins for further development.

The animation will be due at the end of term, and we will be doing short class activities along the way top help you. (For instance some work on storyboarding.) Be aware that your sketches should use the standards we have recently studied for orthographic, isometric and perspective drawing as appropraite.

The criteria being assessed wil be 3, 6, 7 and 8. The project will be due at the end of term, and there will be no extensions.


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