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Modelling task


You have 4 weeks to complete this task, so you will need to work quite quickly. There is a separate task for the TQA 2 and TQA 3 students.

TQA 2 task

Your design brief is to design a toy character for a child. Something along the lines of Gumby or Sponge Bob. You should follow the design process and include all the work in your final submission.

  1. Design brief: design an amusing childs character toy
  2. Research: collect some examples to guide you. Find examples and identify what sort of things make them suvvesful. e.g. what sort of colours, facial features etc?
  3. Find solutions: draw sketches of possible models.
  4. Identify the best one and explain why.
  5. Complete your design: Include a wireframe and a few partially completed examples to show your work flow.
  6. Evaluate your solution: Comment on anything that you would do differently next time. If your finalk result looks different from the sketches explain the changes.

It looks like a lot, but you onmly need about a page of writing along with work samples.

Due date will be 19th April 2013

Criteria being assessed will be 3, 6, 7 and 8

TQA 3 task

Your task is to prepare a demo reel illustrating the 3 basic modelling workflows. Box modelling, subdivision modelling and spline modelling.

Select some relatively simple but interesting things to model which reflect each of the techniques. Prepare planning sketches of each model and when they are finished assemble the sketches, wirefarme and rendered images into a demo reaal using Moviemaker or Adobe Premier Pro. I gave you a good example of a professional demo reel in the blog entry February 15th. This will give you something to work towards, although I am not expecting that standard of work from you.

You will need to submit your demo reel and a single page outlining the way you approached each model.

Due date will be 19th April

Criteria assessed will be 3, 6, 7 and 8


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