Geting down to work

This lesson the whole group will begin by looking at the design process. This is useful information for all of you. Once we have covered that the TQA2 students can begin work on the Design Workshop while I give the TQA3 students a brief introduction to the user interface. I would then like you to watch the clip in your Graphic Design play list.

The first task for TQA3 students is to follow the following tutorials to complete the laser beam and glass ball image.




Welcome to Computer Graphics and design for 2016. I trust you will have a good year.

In this first class we will go over some routines and I will introduce you to some of the online resources that we will be using. The most important of these are:

By the end of this first lesson you will have been introduced to all these and registered yourself as necessary.

First exercise

We have had a look at some sketching techniques. Now it is time to get down to the software we will use. The first thing I want to introduce is Autodesk 3DS Max. Last lesson we had a quick overview, now I want you to work through this tutorial:




Welcome to Start Day

Welcome to the class of 2015.

Today you will get a short introduction to the design process. We will apply this to solve a simple design problem.

The design process is described in this presentation:


The brief you have today is to design a profile image for use on social media. You are also the client so the image is for you to use and you will use Photoshop to assist you.

Last week of term 3

I hope you are getting your projects finished in my absence. I thought I might share this short film recently posted on the Autodesk Media and Entertainment Facebook page.

It is a beautiful piece from France.

Merging animals in Photoshop CS6

Some of you have been having fun lokking at the wierd photoshopped animal mixups. This is a tutorial on how to do this. You can use the same technique to merge images together.


Photoshop tutorials

Many of you are venturing into photoshop for your project this term. With that in mind I will suggest some tutorials to help you. A good thing is to use the filter gallery to create effects, paerticularly with your posters. In this example the filter gallery is used to produce a watercloour effect.


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