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The design process


It is important to understand the design process. This is the formal process that a design team goes through in developing a design solution.

The process is divided up into steps; how it is divided varies slightly in different texts, but the overall idea is always the same. In our notes there are 6 stages:

  1. Identify the task. This involves analysing what is to be achieved and defining the end result that you are working towards. Out of this you will develop a design brief in conjunction with the client
  2. Analyse the problem. This might involve breaking the brief down into parts, collecing together available resources and in some cases it might involve doing some research around the problem or some underlying theory.
  3. Generate possible solutions. Brainstorm and put together a range of solutions.
  4. Choose the best solution. As graphic designers, by the end of this stage you will have a series of sketches on which you work will be based.
  5. Implement the solution. This is where you actually begin to work on the computer to produce your design
  6. Assess and evaluate the results. If necessary go back to stage 3 if things did not work out as expected.

Throughout this whole process the designer needs to monitor progress and refer constantly back to the design brief and/or the client.

In this course we will be using this process every time we engage in a design project. It is important that you be aware of what stage you are at at all times, and when you write up your work it reflects this approach.

We have some notes on this process that you should read through: link to design process notes


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