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Storyboarding is an important part of the preproduction for an animation. You will liely be asked to produce a storyboard on the TQA3 exam. With that in mind it is important to practice this skill. If you go to http://dcdesign.wikidot.com/wiki:storyboards you will find some information on storyboard production, and a couple of examples.

After you have looked over this information I would like you to practice by producing a storyboard of the opening scenes of this animation. Produce about 16 frames of the first 16 scenes, but if you are enjoying the exercise feel free to go further.

Also attempt this question form a previous exam paper:

The state government is running an advertising campaign about littering. Your animation company
has been asked to produce a one-minute advertisement for a range of media to raise awareness.
Sketch out a storyboard sequence of at least eight panels that will provide a detailed visual
overview of the proposed advertisement. Include text, planned music/audio/sound effects
and timing.


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