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Some final bits and pieces


These are a couple of things which I will not spend time on in class, as not everyone will need to use these techniques. You do need to know about them though and you may want to explore further and use them in your project work.


The 3DS Max user community produces scripted plugins which can help with your projects. Most need to be purchased but there are a few which are free to use. 2 Ones I have used in the past are Greeble and Ivy.


Video post

Video post is a way of adding to the end of the render process. This can be used to add special effects to your work. A more powerful way to do this is to use a package like Aftereffects, but 3DS Max does provide video post tools. In this example I have used video post to make a street light shine. Note that there are some limitations, as the effect is added to the end of the render it is not possible for the objects in the scene to interact with the light (as they have already been rendered.) This can mean that for instance the light can appear to shine through objects.

You may or may not need these techniques in your project, but make sure you know about them in case there is a question on the exam which touches on these techniques.


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