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Week 2



TQA 2 students can continue with the design workshop. So far 4 people have uploaded design briefs and I have made some comments, so check on those. the rest should upload something today. Don’t forget to look at other briefs and comment, especially if you are having trouble getting started. The next stage for you is research.

TQA 3 students have mainly completed the first exercise. this was just to get you used to the interface and the basics of creating objects and working with them.  now we need to get onto some modelling. The first modelling technique is “box modelling” or “poly modelling”. This involves starting with a basic shape like a box and using the ribbon tools and modifiers to adjust the shape. There are Lynda tutorials on how to use all the tools in your playlist so make sure you watch those as you need to. Your task today is to model a car using the ribbon tools.



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