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End of term 3


This is the last day of term 3. We have about 3-4 weeks of work next term before the finals start.

I have spoken to all the TQA2 students about what they need to get finished off. You all need to have 4 projects finished covering animation, 3D modelling, architectural and a final free choice project. These should all be finished of with design brief, planning sketches and evaluation. Work on filling in the gaps over what is left of the year.

TQA3 students should have the practical part of their projects finished now and you can spend what is left of the year on polishing, documentation and presentation. The Guidelines for submission of projects are detailed and specific, and you should familiarize yourself with them now. You will lose marks if you do not submit the required content. The deadline is the friday before exams start (8th November).


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