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Exams are over


We are through the midyear exams, and most of you did well. Now is a good time to have a think about where you can improve in readiness for the final TQA3 exams. TQA2 students will not need to do another exam this year.

All of you need to focus on your current projects. TQA3 students are into their major projects and TQA2 students will need to complete two more projects before the end of the year to get a satisfactory result. Perfectly achievable in all cases.

The work this week is an architectural visualization. The creator writes:
“Classic apartment with modern furniture custom modeled by us in 3ds Max, Marvelous Designer and Zbrush. Rendered with Vray.
This scene focused on high-end cloth asset creations of furniture in MarvelousDesigner. The tutorial for the bed came out in February 3dArtist magazine ( 3dartistonline.com/ ).”

White Bedroom, CGI artwork from JurajTalcik on Vimeo.


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