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Beginning of term 3 and exam prep


We are starting term 3 and it tempting to think that we are half way through the year, but due to exams we really only have 12 weeks of class time left.

Our mid year exams will happen in a couple of weeks. Your exam will be Wednesady August 7th from 12:30 till 3:40 pm. this will be the only seesion we will have that week. TQA3 students will complete the exam in 2 hours and TQA2 students can use the full 3 hours if they wish. This will be an ‘open book’ exam and you will have use of the http://dcdesign.wikidot.com site and the 3DS Max help files only. (You can access the help files form the link in the wiki top menu.) There are sample short answer questions on our wiki site under the exam prep menu item. We will not be doing these in class but you will need to have a go at these questions as a revision exercise. I will be able to check your answers and give you feedback. You will find a link to my sample solutions on the exam prep pages as well, but I suggest that you have a go at the questions before you look at my solutions.

Generally the exam is not difficult, but you do need to get used to the types of questions that get asked, which is why it is important to practice. The long answer questions are often a bit harded and require some thought and creativity. I will be circulating sample long answer questions for us to work on in class.

The theory for this week will be intellectual property. This doesn’t take long to cover and there is sometimes a short answer question on it.

TQA3 students shoudl be well engaged with their majot projects now. TQA2 students will need to start another project this term. I will be talking to you about options.

This week I have a demo reel by a student in Beijing. It quickly demonstrates a number of different techniques using simple examples. For instance several use particle emitters in clever ways (e.g. the scene with spears flying at the camera.)

3Ds max demo reel from Wu Yongjun on Vimeo.


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