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Weekly question answer


The question for this week was:

Graphic Designers communicate a message to a broad audience via text and images. Describe how the elements of design (colour, shape, line, texture and tone) are vital in this process.

My sample solution is:

Good use of the elements in a design can add emmotional impact and meaning to a design. For instance lines can be flowing and sensuous or straight and sloping to create drama and movement. Colours can be warm (red, yellow, orange) or cool (blue, green) soothing (pastels) or dramatic (bold primary colours). In this way the design elements can add to the impact and message of a design.

Notice the pattern I used for the answer.

I rephrased the question as “why and how are the design elements are important?” I have given a short  sentence answer which explains that the design elements are important because they add meaning and emotional impact. Then a couple of examples to illustrate this and indicate how they work.

You will get 5 minutes to amswer these questions on the exam and the secret is to quickly identify what is being asked and get to the point with your answer. Many students approach this type of question by simply writing what they know about the design elements and hoping that it covers the answer.


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