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Major projects starting


The TQA3 students have done their design briefs. I have looked at them and left comments on the cloud site for you. I also ran up a copy of the design brief for my virus project as an example for you. Modify your briefs and I will look at them again. If you update your work in the cloud I should get a notification and I will look at your changes.

TQA2 students have 3 weeks left to finish your second projects.

The video this week is about the art direction for Assassin’s Creed. Some of you are doing projects which are simular to this and the rest of you will also benefit from seeing the sorts of issues that the designers needed to address. Note the thought processes and planning the art director has used. You also get an idea of what an art director is, and how they fit into game development.

If you want to watch the whole development diary this is all three parts:


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