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Parting of the ways


Now that we have covered the basics the TQA2 and TQA3 students will be taking different paths.

TQA2 students will be working on their second project, which is an animation. I don’t mind what you animate but ensure that you have written a propper design brief before you get started. The task is under the assessment tasks menu on this blog and there is information about design briefs in the dcdesign wiki.

TQA3 students will need to look at a few more techniques with 3DS Max to prepare them for the major project and study more theory as well.

The animation this week is a combination of 2D and 3D, using Maya for the 3D modelling, called “Everything I can see from here”. If you are registered with the area web site you can find information about the project at http://area.autodesk.com/blogs/pointsnap/everything-i-can-see-from-here—-an-animated-short-by-the-line
And if you are not registered than you need to register, so do that and read about the project.

I have included the animation and a short ‘making of’ presentation.


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