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Week 3


We have finished our formal work on game design and next lesson we will be moving on. You can port Unity games to a web player and you will find some at , so have a look at what can be done with this game engine. If you wish to continue working with Unity you can make this one of your projects and start by adding in your own levels to Lerpz using your new skills and the assets provided.

Next lesson we will move on to sketching techniques. The old curriculum mentioned sketching, but it was not emphasised. This year it has been added in as a major element of the course, so students will need to be competent with sketching isometric and orthographic projections, as well as perspective drawing. make sure you have a pencil and paper with you at all the week 3 lessons.

The movie this week is a series of aerial battle sequences produced using 3DS Max for modelling, Vray for rendering, Vue for generating the terrain and the Afterburn plugin for 3DS Max to produce all the smoke and flames.

Stormbirds from Phil Shoebottom on Vimeo.


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