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Last week of term is here!!!


Well we have made it to the end of term 1. It has been busy, but we have covered all of the ambitious plan I had for the term. Next term we will start off with some work on computer game design and work through part of a tutorial. Some of you will want to keep working on that for a while but others may be happy just to learn the basics and then move on to other things. Most of the TQA2 students will have done enough 3D work to satisfay the curriculum now, so you may want to do some work with Photoshop or illustrator next term.

The TQA3 demo reels are starting to take shape and if you like I will upload them to the Youtube channel.

My answer to the question last week is:

JPG These image files are compressed which makes the file size small, but the compression process loses some information so the picture quality is reduced during compression, so the image deteriorates with repeated editing. This is called a lossy file type for that reason. The small files size make JPGs suitable for web pages. They are also used in cameras.
BMP files are not compressed are are good when high quality images are required. This is a windows standard and these files are common on PCs.
TIFF are also high quality nonlossy files (although there is a lossy version of TIFF as well). They can handle CMYK colour and tend to be used a lot in the printing industry. TIFF files tend to be proprietary to the extent that no one device can read every TIFF.

This answer is probably a bit longer than it needs to be, but you get the idea.

This week I want to introduce you to a free web site on CG called CGARENA. It is free to register and they have some good stuff for you to look at. In particular they publish a quarterly E-zine which you can download once you have registered. The editing is pretty rough but it is worth a look.

The animation this week is another odd one, about a…

well work it out for yourself.


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