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Week 9


Firstly to the weekly question last week. To answer perfectly you needed to cover the design process and then add in how this might allow the design solution to evolve. The key processes that allow evolution are the cyclic nature of the process and the inclusion of feedback at various stages in the process. So my answer reads:

I can list 6 stages in the design process:

  1. Design brief
  2. Research and investigation
  3. Develop possible solutions
  4. Select the best solution
  5. Implement the solution
  6. Review the outcome

This applies to the overall project, but it is also applied cyclically to each part of the design solution. Through this cyclic process and liaison with the client at every stage the a design solution will evolve.

The next question is on our wiki so make sure you have a go at that.

Your project work should be completed at the end of this week so that you have time next week to tidy up and prepare it for assessment.

The video this week is an add for milk prepared using Autodesk Softimage for the California Milk Board. It is beautiful animation, but as an advertisement the design brief would have been more specific in terms of the message, emotional content and target audience. The add needs to be analyzed in those terms as well a just the quality of the images and animation.


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