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Week 2


As we come to the end of week 2 Grant’s class are starting to come to grips with box modelling in 3DS Max. They will continue this next week, but by the end of the week the class will be introduced to subdivision modelling. Students should have finished their mind maps and through the week the theory will focus again on design principles before comlpeting the first assessment task.

David’s class are finishing off their face graphics using Illustrator and some have started a preliminary general tutorial in 3DS Max. By the end of next week the whole class should be onto the 3DS Max tutorials.

The animation this week is a demo reel by Angela Guenette. She did most of the character modelling for the Sintel movie and looking at this demo reel you can see how she went about modelling the characters. First the characters are modelled from planning sketches and then a skin is placed over them to give colour and texture. Finallly the character is rigged onto an armature (or biped) so that it can be moved in the animation.


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