Spline modelling


Sketching in 3D space

Video Post

Now that the IPs are pretty well finished we will spend the last part of the year looking at a few miscellaneous topics and preparation for the exam.

First this little exercise on video post. It is worth knowing about this concept as you may get a short question which you will find this useful to know about.

Video clip editing software

For those wishing to prepare their clips for assessment http://shotcut.org provides an intermediate in functionality between MovieMaker and Premier Pro

Modernism vs Post Modernism

Animation Presentations

All TQA2 students have the task of preparing a presentation on animation. Base your presentation on the PowerPoint below. The finished presentations will be posted at  https://sites.google.com/education.tas.gov.au/animation/home

Have a look at all the presentations and provide feedback.


Many of you are looking at an animation for your project, so I thought it might be a good idea to share this presentation written by Richard Walsh at Hellyer College

You have your mind-map from last lesson and now this PowerPoint. Your task is to use a suitable multimedia presentation tool to present on “Animation Techniques”. You can be a little selective in what you choose to present on, but try to make your presentation cohesive. For instance you may chose to leave out storyboards or focus on 3D animation.
Good tools to use are Office Mix (I can give you a copy of the original ppt), Sway (an Office365 tool) and Prezi.


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